Running a Game Server - Racist Kids


A friend and I have been running a game server for a massive online multi-player game called Rust. Rust is a lot like minecraft, but with murder, nudity, and stealing. Players have to survive against the elements and other players. There is no real end goal - just to build, survive, and take stuff from other people.

We have had to set up the server, automate restarts and updates, fix mods, and build a store for players to spend real-money on in game stuff (called 'kits'). It was a few very busy days for us, followed by us intermittently updating things and fixing problems customers have with the 'kits' they buy from us.


We have this game server and web-store pretty much on autopilot except for the persistent problem with players spamming the in-game chat with racist things, or choosing group names that are racist.


After a lot of monitoring, warning, and actively banning players who can't stop using the N-word, we found a two-step solution to our problem.

First, we encourage the players to get in a shared discord/chat server. There, we are responsive to players and have built a rapport with a few players that spend most of their free time in-game. They help us by messaging and giving screenshots with usernames of users that are breaking our 'No Racism' server rule.

Second, we found a plugin that allows us to switch the words around. We have an array of racist words, and decided to make it kind of awkward when players say racist things in-game (whatever they say that is banned is replaced with and I'm going to get banned if I keep being racist...). Thanks to the community we are building, other players who are also uncomfortable with the racism are constantly reporting ways people are getting around our filter, so our array gets longer and longer (Think the N word, but instead of using an 'i', they use a '1').

Wonder what he said before we grep'ed his shittiness out?

Going Forward

The server will never be truly automated as long as there are assholes in the world (which will be forever), but thanks to a community and an open source plugin, racist messages have greatly decreased.

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